Limang elemento ng pagpili ng mga kurtina


Ang pagpili ng mga kurtina sa bahay ay malapit na nauugnay sa ating buhay. Ang mga kurtina ay isang kailangang-kailangan na dekorasyon sa dekorasyon sa bahay. Ang mabubuting kurtina ay maaaring mapabuti ang kalidad ng ating buhay. Kung angmga kurtina can be well matched with the colors of the home, they can soften the lines in the home and make the whole space warm. However, the importance of mga kurtina is not only part of the home furnishings, but also that they can provide privacy for our lives, block light and sound insulation, and these functions will directly affect the quality of our sleep.
1. Tela ng kurtina
Tulad ng para sa mga materyales sa kurtina, magkakaroon ng maraming mga pagpipilian. Alin ang angkop para sa silid-tulugan? Medyo nagsasalita, ang koton at linen ay mas angkop. Dahil maginhawa upang malinis at madaling palitan.
2. Shading effect
If we want to have a comfortable lunch break during the day, strong light will also affect our rest. In view of the problem of light, choose mga kurtina with good shading effect, which can block certain sunlight. It is recommended to choose mga kurtina with cotton or flocking fabrics, which have a stronger sense of shading.
3. Anti-ingay
A study once said that if the continuous indoor noise is 50 decibels, and there are no noise elimination facilities on the doors and windows, it will interfere with people's normal rest. The key point is to choose mga kurtina with sound-absorbing effects. The fabrics made of flocking, cotton, and linen perform relatively better in this respect. In general, the thicker the kurtina, the more sound it can absorb. A bedroom kurtinana may isang mahusay na pagkakayari ay maaaring mabawasan ang panlabas na ingay ng tungkol sa 15%.
4. Mainit sa taglamig at cool sa tag-init
We sleep in the bedroom on four festivals a year. In the two seasons of spring and summer, the weather is relatively hot. Choosing cool mga kurtina can make the room less dry and hot. It is better to choose light blue ones. It's cooler. In autumn and winter, the outside temperature is relatively low, and the color in the bedroom should be mga kurtinamay mga maiinit na kulay, tulad ng pula, na mas mainit.
5. Mga bagay na nangangailangan ng pansin

For our bedroom mga kurtina, they must also have fire resistance. Generally, cheap ones are easy to burn quickly in case of fire, and good quality ones will have certain fire resistance, so that the safety of the family can be guaranteed.

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